Auto safety improvements

Some data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) maintained NHTSA:

Even over the last 15 years, following the mandate requiring seat belts (1989) and airbags (1998), safety while traveling by road continues to improve. The causes are likely many -- vehicle improvements (ABS, computer controlled braking, collision avoidance), public education (drunk driving, texting, etc), improved signage and road construction -- and the payoffs are clear.

Meanwhile, safety features have moved up the list of priorities for new car purchases and manufacturers have taken the opportunity to celebrate the safety improvements in their vehicles. However, I don't ever recall seeing anyone celebrating the 35% reduction in traffic fatalities over this time period. Perhaps such awareness would lead to complacency in drivers and ultimately lead to more accidents and deaths on the highway.

You don't always need to broadcast accomplishments for the purpose of public recognition. Know that they're making an important difference and don't risk it!