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Weekly link roundup

Random things shared on Twitter from the week: * "Since 1978, something like 500 million people have risen out of poverty" The Secret Document That Transformed China * * How to be Relentlessly Resourceful (a practical guide) via @zite * 2011: The 9th hottest year on record via @zite * Thought on activation energy and the benefits to adoption of reducing the 'hump' * Testing a sitemap with bash, sed and curl * RT @carlmilner: Russian Rocket Factory looks like the abandoned Core to @starwars's Death Star * Thoughtful read: China Will Overtake the US in Computing…Maybe, Someday… * Amazing map offers an inventory of all the trees in the US via @zite * Programming styles: Marines vs. Boy Scouts via @zite * You are bitching about the wrong things when you read an article about science via @zite * Newly discovered molecule has potential to offset climate change and cool the planet via @zite * A 14-year-old could build 1998's Google using her Dad's credit card... * Richard Feynman on Why Questions * Big Data Analytics: Trends to Watch For in 2012 via @zite * Make Maps People Want to Look At via @zite * Career of the Future: Data Scientist (INFOGRAPHIC) via @zite