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Result counts for search phrases

I liked this week's comic over at xkcd titled Google results for various phrases:

Using result counts in this manner isn't exactly scientific as in most cases they're only estimates rather than exact numbers. However, for fun like this it's probably good enough especially comparing among like queries.

Value parameter sweeps (my IQ is <X>) are only one way of looking at this. Performing similar analysis against time with query volume, published document count, visit counts, or a combination of all of these can be similarly enlightening. Unfortunately, the whole technique is somewhat dependent on the reliability of the underlying data. As the data implies the typical internet citizen has an IQ of 147, there's definitely some bias in here somewhere but of course the results of an in-person verbal survey might be similarly skewed if not validated in some other way.

There's a a post over at Google Operating System titled Data Mining Using Google which actually has a clever mashup with Google Spreadsheets too.