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Generation Text: FB me

Going back through some older links, an opinion piece on CNN titled Generation Text: FB me was an interesting read:

I tried to reach my teenage daughter the other day. I left a voice mail, sent an e-mail message and finally texted her and told her to check both and call me back.

Seconds later, she texted back one letter: "K." She is 19 and has been sending and receiving upwards of 3,000 texts per month. One month, she hit 7,500! She is not unusual at all.

Dr. Rosen has some other interesting facts on his blog posts Welcome to the iGeneration:
According to our research studies, Baby Boomers spend about nine and a half hours daily with media, Generation Xers are immersed in media 15 hours per day and older Net Geners (18- to 29-years-old) consume nearly 20 media hours per day.
High school students spend upwards of 30 hours a week online, mostly for entertainment and socializing with friends. They spend one to two hours a day communicating on social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.
A Harris Interactive national survey of teens has even shown that 47% of the 2,089 nationally-sampled teens could compose text messages blindfolded.
It is going to be fascinating to see how these habits, now firmly entrenched, interact with the workplaces of today. I wonder if the day of feeling out and out of touch is approaching.