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798 Art District

Clear blue skies made for a great opportunity to do some exploring. An easy ride on the 909 bus (which seemed to sport more technology than any I've previously ridden on)

The 798 Art Zone was built as a joint factory complex between the PRC and the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Its buildings and layout were designed by East German engineers and have a distinctive appeal. After the electronics and military manufacturing came to a close the area saw a rebirth as a community for artists and studios.

798 Originality Square

The building designs incorporate specific considerations for maximizing the amount of natural light inside. The lofting ceilings give a sense of expanse inside.

Former munitions storage building

A maze of interconnected pipes still remains with random steam discharges throughout the area.

Pipes at 798 Art District

Steam discharge vent

I only ventured into one or two of the galleries themselves and while I'm no expert I did enjoy what I saw.

Red Mao

798 Art District slideshow

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