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Ditan Park Temple Fair

This weekend marks the start of the Spring Festival holiday here in China with today being the last day of the year of the Ox, and tomorrow the first day of the year of the Tiger. To mark the occasion there are temple fairs across Beijing including performances, food, and other entertainment.

After watching the start of the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, we took the subway over to Ditan Park for one of the larger fairs open today. Red paper lanterns can be seen everywhere.

Red lanterns hung in a tree

Red lanterns above security guards

There are all sorts of performances and lots of loud music which is all discordant yet somehow fitting for the managed chaos of the occasion.

Performers on stilts

And it wouldn't a real fair without a wide selection of food for all tastes.

Steaming fair food

And now, as it nears 6pm and the sky begins to darken, I can see the fireworks already. In fact there has been a constant rattle of explosions in the distance for about the last hour and I can only imagine this is going to escalate as the evening goes on.

It's exciting to be in Beijing for this!

Ditan Park Temple Fair slideshow

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