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Sunday at Beihai Park and Back Lakes

We had a great day of exploring today around Beihai Park and the Back Lakes in Beijing. We walked the city all day, working our way from Wangfujing past Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City (past all the tour guides and art students), turning toward and then on through Beihai Park (much more serene) and onward through the Back Lakes. We covered big roads, small hutongs and peaceful parks and although cold outside it's felt great to get some exercise.

We sat down twice. Once for lunch (pork and egg on rice, chicken in spice sweet sauce, both good) and once again to enjoy the sport I can only describe as 'ice chair skating'. Two persons to 'cart', two sharp metal poles each, and a good upper body workout is guaranteed. Great fun!

Beihai Park and Back Lakes photos

Ice chair skating

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