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Putting an identity on hold

I didn't find a wealth of information about how to put the monthly bills into long-term hibernation so assembled a strategy somewhat piecemeal. Writing down some findings in case I need them later or they're of use to others.

Paperless billing. This makes remote management much, much easier. And reduces the number of paper bills on return too.

Vacation modes for cell phones. Having accounts with both AT&T and Verizon, it turns out that you can call them up and ask them to put your account on vacation suspend. There's a nominal charge, I think AT&T is $10/mo while Verizon is $15 flat, and that's all you pay. Your contract end date is pushed out accordingly but you can keep the account on suspend for 180 days (or 90+90 in the case of Verizon). It did, however, make me realize quite how much we spend on 'bandwidth' every month.

Canceling cable. Having a no-contract arrangement with Comcast made this part really easy. I might even get special introductory six-month pricing on return.

Credit card travel info. This was a mixed bag. Some cards were set up well and you just give them a start and end date and that's it. Others tell you to call back each month to 'remind' them. Sigh. Still, I'm certain that's better than a stop in cash flow.

Car insurance. It seems you can get reduced rates for vehicles if you're not actively driving them.