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Commuting on the Beijing subway

The ride to work is a little more intense than the Metro bus I'd been taking from Seattle. As the subway stops are conveniently located both near where we live and my office there's not a lot of travel time on each end. That's a bonus since apparently we arrived during a warm spell and it's now starting to get back to being just really cold. The trains run every few minutes and during commute times are absolutely packed; indeed it's almost as though the frequency is tuned to run at something close to 100% capacity. Everyone seems to get onto the next train they're waiting for although for the 30 minute ride there isn't an inch on board going to waste. There's no need to hold a handrail as friction with other passengers keeps everyone upright.

I hear the buses are even busier but I think we'll need a little more courage (and improved sense of direction) before embracing that next step.

Busy Beijing subway