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Chinese food, week one

It's been an interesting week of new cuisine. I think I've tried everything that's come my way and the stomach still seems to be holding up OK. Some of the notables include roast duck (very rich and tasty), deep fried chicken cartilage (interesting texture), steamed dumplings (tasty but pushed chopstick skills to the limit), pork rib bites with gristle in sweet sauce, sticky buns for breakfast, noodles and bok choy in the morning.

On the western front, I gave my stomach a rest with McDonalds (didn't think I'd ever say that) and a celebration at a Brazilian/Latin grill. The western-style restaurant at work has some familiar components but I don't know the shorter English name for the dish I would describe as 'cajun breaded pork cut served in a sizzling fajita dish with rice topped with egg'. I have found the Starbucks machine in the office, the tea in the cooler and am thoroughly enjoying the daily fruit service.

I am told I'll need to recalibrate my spicy scale on Monday when we go out for Sìchuān-style food.