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Premium data subscriptions in Windows Azure

Microsoft Codename "Dallas" looks very interesting:

Microsoft® Codename "Dallas" is a new service allowing developers and information workers to easily discover, purchase and manage premium data subscriptions in the Windows Azure platform. Dallas is an information marketplace that brings data, imagery, and real-time web services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources together into a single location, under a unified provisioning and billing framework. Additionally, Dallas APIs allow developers and information workers to consume this premium content with virtually any platform, application or business workflow.
One of the first challenges in undertaking any data mining task is getting all the (massive amounts of data) into a single place in a usable form.

Amazon already has a similar offering with Public Data Sets on AWS but this is the first time I've seen 'real-time' mentioned.

Disclosure: I'm not on the Windows Azure team and know nothing more about this than the public site mentions. But this does sound exciting.