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Favorite apps du jour

There are a few apps and websites I'm really enjoying at the moment.

  • Skype. Video chat is high quality and 'just works' even to far corners of the world. Brings remote friends and family closer together.
  • Foursquare. Strangely addictive about-town game where you 'check in' to report where you are.
  • Tinychat. This is how video conferencing and collaboration should be. Not hugely sophisticated but easy to set up and works.
  • Yelp. The critical mass is there and the bulk of reviews are good quality. Angie's List was handy for a year but is going to have a hard time competing over the long run.
  • RescueTime. Still in my two-week trial but I love the idea of passively collecting information about activity. This particular tool consists of an installed app that tracks where you're spending screen time (along with offline activities like meetings and phone calls) and a web-based reporting dashboard.
  • Mint. Once you swallow the whole 'trust your bank credentials to someone else thing', this website and iPhone app make tracking money really easy.
  • Tweetree, SimplyTweet, TweetDeck. Twitter clients of choice depending on form factor.
Still on the look out for a good massive-dataset visualization toolkit.