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The Girl Effect

Sometimes it is important to challenge the status quo and force change but that invariably lead to resistance and confrontation. Other times, it is so much more effective to embrace the constraints or unquestioned 'truths', take steps that no-one cares about within that existing framework and watch desired outcome emerge naturally.

As a means of effecting change and reducing poverty, my belief and commitment to organizations like Unitus that offer microfinancing solutions remains strong. This initiative also shows promise.


The Girl Effect:

The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.

Because there’s poverty, and war, and hunger, and AIDS, and because when adolescent girls in the developing world have a chance, they can be the most powerful force of change for themselves, their families, communities, countries, and even the planet.

But while those 600 million adolescent girls are the most likely agents of change, they are often invisible to their societies and the world.

So what can you do about that? Help make girls visible. Stand up and be counted by becoming a fan of The Girl Effect, and getting your friends to do the same. Tell the world that you think the 600 million girls in the developing world deserve better – for themselves, and for the end of poverty.

That’s a start. Ready to learn and do more? Head over to