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Celebrating 'Change'

Tuesday was a very important day; there was a tense mixture of excitement and apprehension everywhere - on the bus, at the gym, at work, even walking around Seattle in the early evening where Amy and I planned to meet for dinner.

After a fine main course at Palomino, I couldn't resist but to check the count on my phone and it was right there: 333 electoral votes. All over before 9pm and I couldn't resist a subtle high-five.

As we made our way over to the Westin where the local Democrats were camped out watching the gubernatorial race, cars were honking horns driving up fifth avenue and people openly cheering in the street. We arrived just in time to be swept up into the excited crowd that filled the main ballroom to watch Obama's speech. And a great speech it was.

Making our way out through the lobby, there was a great contrast of ecstatic supporters and exhausted, passed out campaign staff. While the crowds were spilling out into the street with more shouting and celebration, I think deep down everyone realizes this is only the first step in a monumental task. But it has to begin somewhere.