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Bathroom remodel begins

After what seems like months on the go, we've finally had a couple of weekends in town and a chance to catch up on a few things on the home front.

First order of business has been to get a major bathroom overhaul under way. The bathroom in this house was in a rather sorry state when I moved in a couple of years ago, and various discoveries since have turned up 'concerns' like rotten floors, deep cuts into the joists, water leaking from the shower and tub and other surprises. I replaced the old, original plumbing last winter with PEX (story for another time) but that was really only the beginning.

We spent this weekend touring home improvement stores and finished with resounding success, having picked fixtures, fittings, flooring, tubs and a toilet that can flush a bucket of golf balls. Really.

Work on the prereqs should begin this week (trenching to the street water main, electrical panel replacement), with the real construction starting after the holiday. Exciting times.