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Seafair 2008 debrief: Jets, boats, and some snappy dressers

Kate put it so well:

It's SeaFair again, when Seattle turns into a loud, warmongering, beer drinking, low-brow pit of red-neckery.....and you love it, because it is just one day a year.
Please join me at the marina for the air show, hydroplanes, hot dogs and cruising in the boat with skipper Bill.  In order to balance the general redneck aesthetic, our guests at the marina are encouraged to dress in theme; either 1960s prep-nautical-fabulous, or duran duran rio dancer video, do whatcha like. We are going to drink pimm's cups, wear blazers and cruise the lake in style.

And so it was. Dressed to the nines we planned to show these sea-faring folk quite how it should be done. Some bystanders watched with bewilderment, especially in the pre-outing trip to Fred Meyer, but most were clearly jealous of the style and class that had serendipitously touched their lives on this otherwise uninteresting day in August.

My favorite (overheard) comment of the day: "I think they might be British".

Complete Seafair set on Flickr



Seafair 2008