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Port Ludlow weekend

As Seattle sweltered in the 90 degree plus heat, an escape from the city was just the ticket this weekend.

With Amy having just returned home from Vegas on Friday afternoon, we packed our bags and headed north to Edmonds for the ferry. The sun set during the 30 minute crossing to Kingston and we were in Port Ludlow by 9:30. A late dinner and a seventh gold for Michael Phelps eased into the weekend.

A lazy morning on Saturday gave way to a drive further west, hitting Deer Park and Hurricane Ridge for some fabulous cloud-free views of the Strait, Vancouver Island and Mt Olympus.

Deer Park

Hurricane Ridge

For dinner on Saturday, we were to be found at the Ajax Cafe in Port Hadlock, which describes itself as "a little out of the way... but way out of the ordinary." In the same spot since 1977, you're immediately aware that the place is slightly different as, on approach, one can spot diners sporting pirate hats, sombreros, Viking headgear, skull caps and motorcycle helmets; a part of the decor, hats are changed at will throughout the meal. We feasted on an excellent spread - salad, crab cakes, scallops, halibut, a birthday-candle studded creme brule and fig and balsamic vinegar ice cream - while enjoying the live music duo on the tiny stage.

Sunday morning breakfast of left-over brie and bread accompanied by Phelps' eight gold and we set off for the Marina where reliable sources had informed up we'd be able to find some ripe blackberries. A half-gallon container later and I am rather excited about the prospects for blackberry cobbler this week.

Port Ludlow marina


A very relaxing weekend indeed. Port Ludlow trip on Flickr.