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Jack Johnson concert at The Gorge

It really isn't summer without a trip out to The Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA. We left Redmond last Friday afternoon and headed straight out on I-90. Just time for a single drink tailgating party and we headed in to the venue to listen to some live music. The setting against the awesome backdrop of the Columbia River gorge, sunset, and mellow tunes never fails to impress.

The youthful days of joining the debauchery in the adjacent campground are probably behind me and this time we were led to 'little known' spot on the way back toward Cle Elum. About 20 minutes drive out of civilization (swerving past a couple of deer on the way), we drew to a halt at the side of the road. Camping gear in hand, we walked through a small opening at the roadside and emerged on railway tracks. A hundred yard walk down the line (bearing in mind it's after midnight and very dark) and we are again led down into a dark, flat, sandy hollow next to what sounds like a river.

We set up camp and called it a night. We had been warned about what to expect next, but I have to say it is mighty impressive to hear the sound of full-speed freight train passing in the dead of night only yards away.

A leisurely morning, a fine breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe in Cle Elum and an easy drive back into Seattle for a late lunch.

Camping near Cle Elum

Camping near Cle Elum

Camping near Cle Elum

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On review: Turns out this post had little to do with music and not all that much to do with anything else either.