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The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers

In the last six months I've re-stumbled upon a resource I've had for a long time but have little used: O'Reilly's Safari Books Online. While reading books in a web format is really no substitute for holding a bound paper volume in your hands, it does make it far easier to taste books that might otherwise get skipped.

Most recently, I've been spending some time reading The DAM Book. By one means or another I've generally managed to work out systems for storing data that seem to hold up for a while but when you're talking about preserving things for potentially 50 years in digital format, there's no harm in taking a look into how others are doing it. I learned quite a few things that I do plan to incorporate into my habits including a systematic workflow, copious tagging, rating and flagging and DNG conversion. I would recommend the book.

Aside: I graduated college with 2,000 pictures which was, to me, mind-blowing, mainly because the memory card in my Fujifilm DX-7 filled up around at around 25 640x480 images and each set drained a full charge of four AA batteries. These days I'm somewhere north of 15,000 and the pace of acquisition is only increasing.