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Kickball leads to the Emergency Room

It's summer and that means kickball season is in full swing. This is perhaps the third year of playing as Balls of Rubber in the Underdog Seattle league. The venue this year is a grass field in Magnolia which isn't the greatest to play on but it's kind of hard to complain about the quality of the setting since this is, after all, only kickball.

Last night was a fun game with two notable occurrences for me. First, I kicked my first home run with bases loaded, so that was nice. Second was a bit of a collision while trying to get a runner out on third which I successfully accomplished while getting an elbow in the face. Add sunglasses to the equation and the result is a blood-producing cut on the face. The red stuff cleared up pretty quickly and I played the rest of the game but on cleaning it afterwards it turned out to be a rather larger and deeper cut than I'd though.

It turns out that if you're not calling 911 it's not immediately obvious what to do next. I called a nurse hotline provided by work, Amy and I talked about different hospitals in the area but weren't really sure how insurance worked and whether you could just rock up with something fairly minor and so on. In the end we just went to closest, UW Medical Center, waited four hours and emerged late in the evening with me proudly sporting three stitches in my right eyebrow.

Hopefully I don't need to repeat that exercise again any time soon but at least I know how it works now.