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Road trip USA

Between 7/28 and and 8/7, Amy and I drove some 2590 miles across the northwest, hitting five states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana) and seeing some fabulous scenery, countless wild animals, many small towns and some cowboy hats.

The route, sketched out below, looked something like this:

7/28: Seattle to Boise by way of I-90, I-82 and I-84 clipping through the corner of Oregon 7/29: US 93, US 26, US 20, US 26 to a campground in the Gros Ventre range just south of Jackson 7/30: Short drive north stopping Jackson and on to Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons National Park 7/31: Stayed in Grand Tetons National Park 8/1: Pushed north into Yellowstone National Park 8/2: Stayed in Yellowstone National Park 8/3: Took the East Exit, through Cody and Thermopolis to camp in the Bighorn Mountains, west of Buffalo 8/4: Morning stop in Buffalo and on to Sheridan 8/5: Stayed in Sheridan 8/6: Long drive through Montana, dinner in Missoula and spent the night in Spokane 8/7: Drive home to Seattle

Map image
Summer vacation photos on Flickr