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Rapid reroute

I'm sitting on the 242 bus on my way to work. Most commuter lines in Seattle are now wifi-enabled which makes for an fairly efficient use of the 45 minutes each way. A chance to catch up on the mail of the day without having to stay in the office until late.

What makes today's journey different is that we just missed a turn onto 51st. No big deal if you're in a car but it's somewhat harder to pull a U-turn in an articulated bus. So there's a process for this: call a supervisor, they establish your position and then have a list of reroutes (with large, sweeping turns, presumably) to get you back on track. I'd guess they do the same for road closures, accidents, floods, snow and the all.

Given it's a Friday and on Friday traffic is always light, I'll be at work on time. And tomorrow I'm going on vacation so a little scenic detour in the morning is fine by me.