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The astute reader will have observed a slight reduction in posting frequency over the last ten months.

Here is the short version for my own records. There may be some gaps.

  • I have a fabulous girlfriend, Amy
  • There is no improvement in my kickball skills
  • My brother Dave came to visit in February and we did some skiing, some touring, some gambling and some eating.
  • I signed up for both MySpace and Facebook and then entirely failed to use either
  • I have the Seattle Times delivered every Sunday and read most of it. Never the rants, always the raves.
  • I took a vacation in Flagstaff, AZ and a trip to the Grand Canyon with my parents. Stunning place.
  • I bought a digital SLR for the aforementioned trip and have been using it frequently ever since.
  • I can now make pumpkin muffins, crusty french bread and pizza dough from raw ingredients.
  • I survived the Great Seattle Wind Storm of 2006.
  • I try to work from home ever other Tuesday. It seems to only work out once a month, but it's good for getting things done.
  • I commute by bus every day. This makes me feel better after having watched An Inconvenient Truth.
  • Amy & I went on a weekend vacation in South Lake Tahoe
  • I bought a house in Seattle's U-District/Roosevelt/Ravenna area ('by Whole Foods' seems most accurate)
  • A house's furnace doesn't just sound impressive, it actually heats the house. If it breaks down, the house cools down too. Try not to discover this in February.
  • I now own my very own lawnmower. Mowing the lawn isn't as much fun when you're not earning pocket money for it.
  • I wish Al Gore would run for president even though I can't vote.
  • I made my first Craigslist purchase - a large, distressed dining table from Munroe
  • I hosted my first Superbowl party, a tradition I hope to continue.
  • I had another set of biometrics taken for my green card as apparently your fingerprints change every 18 months
  • I had another two medical exams for my green card because a chest X-ray isn't sufficient to prove you don't have TB.
  • I still don't have a green card after five and a bit years of waiting.

Other that these things, everything is almost precisely where I left it.

Life is good.