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Back home again

The time spent at home went remarkably fast. Steve and Natalie's wedding was a treat on the first weekend, two showings at the Kings Arms pub quiz, the ascent of Kinder Scout, a minor car crash, an evening of eating smelly cheeses and generally spending time with family and friends felt long overdue. More to follow on that.
The September 11th flight back was fine until arriving into heavy thunderstorms in Chicago. After a very fast (air speed) landing, it quickly became apparent that there weren't a huge number of flights leaving the airport. A dutifully made the cross-terminal transfer (always fun) to find that my connection, which would have been missed, was in fact cancelled. Unsurprisingly, once planes started leaving later in the evening, they were rather full. I finally got back to�Seattle 30 hours after I left Manchester. New record. Note to self: Regardless of air transport restrictions, never step on a plane without laptop, phone and credit card. On the plus side, my work inbox filled up a few days into my vacation, so for the first time ever, I came back to very little email to read. I can't really condone this strategy, but it's remarkably effective :)
Balls of Rubber clearly missed me with two consecutive losses in my absence thus installing a trend that, despite my best efforts, continued this week too <g>.
On Friday our group from work went to IslandWood on Bainbridge Island for the United Way Day of Caring. We spent the day clearing English Ivy from some woodland. Hard work but�a nice change from the office job.