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Brother arrives!

It's been a crazy busy few weeks for me between Hawaii, another VSLive! keynote and now with Dave in town. He arrived Saturday afternoon and undeterred by jetlag, he ate Jamie Oliver-style burgers and even managed a few drinks out at Marcus' Martini Heaven after a ten hour flight.

Sunday morning we caught a 9:30 ferry over to Bainbridge Island for some breakfast at the Steamliner Diner. Good as always and a really leisurely, pedestrian way to start the day. At an unprecedented-for-Seattle 60 degrees (F) the afternoon was not to be wasted and the top of the Space Needle gave clear views of Rainier and another latte at Starbucks. Dave, Katie and I had a great meal at the Icon Grill in the evening and called it an early night.

After work on Monday, there was more good food at Benihana and we enjoyed it all. I got up before seven this morning to move Katie's car (unfortunately she seems to have been struck down by the flu) and I did not expect to see the snow falling but it only lasted until about nine. By then, we were in IHOP enjoying breakfast and pancakes. We have been eating well.

We're off to Whistler early tomorrow morning for five days of boarding. We even have ski-in ski-out accommodation! I can't wait.