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Back into the swing of things

Back to work and the four day week just flew by. By Friday night, everything had just about settled down, but there's plenty of action coming in the next few months.

Friday night was Sean's birthday and we enjoyed some drinks up in Ballard followed by a rather unsuccessful outing to the bowling alley. Happy Birthday, Sean.

Katie and I headed out to Mowich Lake in Rainier National Park yesterday to give the new snowshoes a bit of a breaking-in. It's less than two hours to get to places on this side of the mountain, but we bumped along the last miles of the dirt track up to the trailhead, the snow was notably absent. The road was closed about five miles from the lake as it's closed aftre the first snowfall of the season which had long since melted. Undeterred, we hiked about three quarters of a mile up the road (in regular boots) until we hit the snow and decided to turn around (being, surprisingly, ill-equipped for the change in terrain). It was a good decision, as the�sky opened just after we got back and didn't stop for hours. A tasty lunch at Quiznos on the way back and we were done.

Sunday morning was relaxed enough. Katie made a trip up to Barnes and Noble and found my book on the shelf (very exciting!) and we both went up to House of Kong in the International District for dim sum marking Jenna's birthday. We ate well indeed.