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Snowshoeing at Cabin Creek

Despite rain in town, flood warnings for most of the state and heavy snow in the passes, today seemed like a good day to go snowshoeing. Still rising early from the jetlag, I was on the road by nine and although visibility was rather poor on I-90, crossing Snoqualmie Pass was easy enough with a bare roadway and very light snow at the summit. Cabin Creek lies about 10 miles beyond the ski area, at exit 63. There's a convenient parking lot just off the freeway on the other side from the trail head.

My 'stretch goal' was easily defined: hike the 12 km to the top of Amabilis Mountain. Even setting off, I wasn't committed to making the top - it was cloudy and I was feeling lazy. The trail is neatly groomed for a good 3-4 miles for cross country skiing and, if I had the equipment, that would have been a great way to come down. The snowshoes did offer some off-piste action although wading through 18 inches of snow�soon becomes tiring.�According to the GPS, I made it to about 6 km up the trail before turning around, heading back down and home for a rather late lunch.

Pictures of Snowshoeing at Cabin Creek