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Seeing the sights in London

Arrived safely in Heathrow after a zero-hours-of-sleep flight and met up with brother Dave in Leicester Square for some coffee. The Starbucks juices had their desired effect and after being awake for twenty hours, there was a day of sightseeing to be had.

A quick stop at Dave's place in Clapham and we headed back into the city. Our general goal of finding the London Eye seemed sound but the geography proved a little challenging. Apparently, despite having lived here for a few months already, Dave has yet to stray from his commute to anything elsewhere in this huge city. With my 'vast' experience, some education was in order. From London Bridge we went to have lunch in All Bar One on the Thames followed by walk right the way up past the Tate Modern and over to the London Eye. Given the really cold weather (just above freezing) and no precipitation, the sky was perfectly clear for some great views. With energy starting to fade (plus hours of fresh air), we headed back for a chicken curry and I faded completely after only the first final round of The X Factor on TV.

A few hours was enough. By four am (local) I was wide awake and ridiculously hungry. A stroll down Clapham High Street brought a Sainsburys Local stocked with real bacon, real sausages, real beans and real bread that all made for a fabulous breakfast.

After this quick stop in an internet cafe, we're off to the palace and do some more exploring before we head off to Stoke tomorrow afternoon.