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Securing the cargo

Yesterday I drove the 20,000th mile in my truck. It's about 18 months old now and I still feel that my pre-purchase research has paid off well. No complaints - I've taken it through snow, sand, dirt, rocks and plenty of miles on the highway and barring one case of engine pinging, there have been no problems. The great service at Ford of Kirkland has to be commended too and maintenance really has been rather simple because of that.

It has to be said, automobiles have changed. While disassembling my first Mini while trying to troubleshoot the loss of power, I certainly learned a lot about the internal combustion engine and its implementation. Apparently, these days it's all quite different - the knocking was fixed with a simple update to the on-board timing computer. I can understand it, I just can't quite believe it. Technology is starting to get away from me.

Anyway, all this to say that I got a new Retrax bed cover installed yesterday. It's low profile and seems to fit really well as well as being�lockable, weatherproof and easy to adjust. Looks good so far.