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Thousands words? Not with a cameraphone's resolution..

Looking back from the cameraphone pictures from the last few months is a great aid to memory. There's some stuff before this too like my parents' trip here in September but more on that later.

View from the Disney World Swan in Orlando in mid-October. The whole trip ended up being very last-minute, booking a flight a couple of days before and taking over the accomodation from a co-worker who sustained a back injury just before the conference and couldn't make the flight.
Doing the demo/details part of the VSLive! keynote suddenly became very real with the issue of speaker's permit and T-shirt. Still, we've been seeing some of the very best of these new technologies so there was certainly no shortage of material.
The first couple of days were spent preparing so I didn't get much opportunity to explore the Disney World. Thursday, Larry and I spent the day at the Epcot Center, taking in the sights, sounds and cuisine in a slightly-smaller-than-life rendition. The Mission to Mars ride was great but I wasn't as impressed with the Test Track.
Time to start hooking up the laptops. With your display up on two twenty-foot screens, mandatory Windows patches and reboots and well as random 'Hello Werthers' IMs (thanks Ed :)) are good reminders that laptops need a little prep before a presentation.
Conference done and a day to kill in Florida. The hotel had run out of rental cars so I headed back to the airport and rented one from there. It's about an hour's drive out to the Kennedy Space Center, complete with little alligators on the roadside. Even on a rainy (but hot!) day, I thoroughly enjoyed touring the history of the space program and the tour up to the launch sites. I had lunch underneath the booster section of the absolutely huge Saturn V that never left earth.
If you really squint at this one, you can make out the 'W' logo in the center of the stage at the Key Arena. Weezer and The Foo Fighters played a great concert; lots of the old favorites and some surprises to boot.