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Snowshoeing at Stevens Pass

For several weeks now I've been itching to see some snow. Given last year's disasterous season (no snow until January!), the mountains have been graced with enough powder for November openings which bodes well for the season ahead. Stevens, Crystal and Baker are all open and I think Snoqualmie either is or will be this week.

Anwyay,�armed with a sale bargain pair of MSR Denali snowshoes, it was time to explore. Snowshoeing is really very simple. You strap the shoes onto some boots (waterproof hiking boots seem to work well) and start walking, placing your feet just slightly wider than you might otherwise. The teeth on the bottom make easy work of icy slopes and the rest is simply choice of destination.

Katie & I headed up to Stevens Pass on�Sunday and found a trail that goes from the parking lot away from the main ski slopes. It's a decent climb for a mile or so up to a repeater station with a great view out into the valleys of the Cascades. Apparently there's a lake to see on the trail too, but we didn't find it and that didn't really matter.

Pictures of Snowshoeing at Stevens Pass.

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