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Podcasting comes of age, but will it stick?

Seen recently in some Mefi comments: podcasting: cb radio without the RF.

I've been quietly downloading podcasts and not listening to them for a good 10 months now. Interestingly, this is one area where the technology is with, if not beyond, the ideas - there's no 'one day portable players will be able to...' excuse here; a music player or recent cell phone works just fine. The problem, to my mind, is the content that's out there. Sure, it can be entertaining to listen to a range of characters putting together their own radio shows, but I'm not finding myself that bored just yet. Half an hour of NPR in the morning is about all I can fit into my day. But maybe that's just me.

Of course, perspectives change. It's good to see the beeb jumping on board with a bunch of Radio 4 programs now available as download. I can listen to BBC radio instead of NPR without having the morning-shows-in-the-evening dilemma due to the�8 hour difference. Bonus points for freeing us poor listeners from RealPlayer too.