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Napster v2

I was one of the fortunate college-goers who had an unmetered in-room ethernet connection before anyone had really figured out.that music 'sharing' on a huge scale wasn't doing the recording industry any favors. Of all the tools available at the time, Napster won hands down in terms of UI polish and quality of track/title/artist information. All good things come to an end and�it became pretty clear that providing a questionable service in a centralized fashion was not going to win any awards for business acumen. A couple of years and many gigabytes of music later, the last Napster server went dark.

These days, Napster is back as a subscription service. It's a simple plan; $10 per month for access to a really wide library of music. As a penniless student I'd have run a mile from this kind of�deal but things are different these days. Several months I�ago I cancelled my�Netflix subscription (which is another great service�if you have the time to watch) and�replaced it with a shiny new music-only one from Napster. Once you get your head around not owning music but instead renting it, it's an obvious choice for the musical dilettante. No need to buy any more CDs, listen to music�based on�whim alone�and�one's music collection travels between home and office seamlessly. Rather good.