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Holiday vs vacation

Apparently there's a big difference between holiday and vacation.

Yesterday, you see, was holiday; a day shared by all, a day to drink beer, watch fireworks and generally revel in the consequences of the actions of several brave chaps some 229 years ago. Hot sunshine, barbecued food and a prime spot on the sundeck made for a good afternoon. Despite early wins of $9 in quarter-chip poker, I barely came out even but survive to play another day. With everyone nearly done by nine thirty, it's sad that we almost traded the fireworks for watching a celebrity�Who Wants to be a Millionaire rerun, but�did manage to rally somehow.�Big up to the guy with the lines during the fireworks--'you're #1', 'we know how to rock', 'yeah!'--which made for just the kind of American experience the fourth deserves.

Today, however, is different. I'm taking some vacation for what seems like the first time since Christmas. And I have nothing planned. At all. And it's a good feeling.