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Camping at Summit Lake

From Seattle it's almost too easy to take a drive and hit wilderness. Taking Highway 410 out to Buckley and then Highway 165 to just before the Carbon Glacier entrance to Mt Rainier NP, a longish gravel road crosses the Carbon River and heads up to the trailhead. It's probably less than three miles of steady grade which rises some 1000 ft to up to the lake which sits at 5450 ft.

My hike up was easy although rather moist with all the humidity and dense fog. I scouted around the lake for a while and found a clearing in the woods on the north shore just a few feet from the lake edge. By the time I'd set up camp, the fog had dropped quickly and with zero visibility across the lake and a mix of cold wind and spits of rain. I made some tea and spent a while fishing, but the temperature was just a little to low for comfort. As night fell, it became pretty clear that I was the only human being within miles and the silence was almost scary. Mixed animal noises and a spattering of rain did little to harm a fantastic night of sleep in the cold mountain air. The fog had cleared by morning to give a great view of Rainier over the lake so I climbed the extra half mile up to the real summit which looked out in all directions to a rather fantastic view.

No problems with the hike down and drive back into town aside from the news coming out of London. As an�escape, it was almost perfect. Highly recommended.

Pictures of Summit Lake