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Visitors in town

It's always good having family to visit when you live a long way from that�nebulous place called home.�My cousin Steve and his fiance Natalie just spent a week of vacation in Seattle and we had a great time. Mostly good weather, barbecues on the sun deck, a Mariners game, an alarming number of trips to Starbucks (even for a Seattle resident), a trip to Snoqualmie Falls and some general time to catch up made for a well-spent week. As I write this they'll be in NYC and are no doubt having fun in the big city, a point about which I am quite jealous.

The pictures of the bar games�from Friday night don't really do the week justice, but it's always fun seeing little lady conclusively beat a big man�at Indian leg wrestling. And who knew, you can get Pimms & Lemonade at the bar just down the street.