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Return-to-US shopping list

It started on the flight back, looking through the Skymall (or whatever it's called) magazine for duty free sales. This time I'm going to do it right. I'm going to make a list of the things I really miss living in the US and be sure to bring back a wholesome stash to ration until my next resupply.

  • Chocolate. Obviously. Chocolate is made with lots of cocoa and not high fructose corn syrup. If you do it right, you end up with a piece of food that is milky, soft and tasty. If you do it wrong, you get candle wax.
    • Smarties. Always liked them, especially because you get�a letter on the inside of the cap.
    • Dairy milk. Pretending it's Cadbury's while making it with Hershey's chocolate is inexcusable.
    • Mars bars. Useful as currency, among other things.
    • Curly wurly, twirl, double decker, time out, finger of fudge and all of the other�great chocolate bars that have yet to penetrate the world market.
    • Big tin of Roses. I just saw an advert on TV.
  • HP Brown Sauce. How can a country that, in every restaurant,�has 5 salad dressings as standard neglect to include brown sauce in its cuisine.
  • Kingsmill. Probably difficult to take back effectively. I include it here in protest.
  • Twiglets. Very tasty.
  • IRN-BRU. Made from girders in Scotland. What more do I need to say?
  • Dandelion and burdock. I quite like the taste but�I think more that it's a miracle they ever managed to market a drink with this name. To be fair, this is hard to find in Britain as well.
  • Bacon. Low grade, fatty, streaky bacon shouldn't qualify for the 'bacon' moniker on any continent. Bacon should be salty, possibly smoked and comprise significantly more meat than fat.
  • Bangers. Sausages are just for breakfast you know.
  • Cherry bakewells, economy swiss rolls. Included for sentimental attachment.

This list has been longer in the past. I have been fortunate to discover:

  • Baked beans. QFC, Larrys and a handful of other places sell these for $1.99 a can. Extorsion, yes, but sometimes the toast just isn't the same without.
  • Marmite. Love it or�hate it.
  • Tea. I've found a handful of places that import Twinings and life has improved with the discovery.

I've a feeling this entry will be subject to a few edits and additions.