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Like a whirlwind

I'm not exactly sure where the month of December has gone. Between arriving back from Stehekin after Thanksgiving and boarding my flight to O'Hare this morning, many things have happened but I've not had a chance to keep up to date here. We had a big push up to code complete at work, which turned out well as we hit the 12/15 date (you have to love the date selection�- slip by a day and you slip by a whole month with the holidays). Add to that a week-long visit from Lauren (among other things, we took the Concorde tour, which was great), a holiday party, a whistlestop tour for Bob on his way to Whistler and plenty of other things I've since forgotten.

Anyway, I finally find myself in my home bedroom, in (not) my old bed, with things so very similar to how I remember them. My brother picked me up from Manchester Airport early this morning and we had breakfast at a Little Chef with real bacon (yes!) and brown sauce (even better) and chatted over non-latte coffee. There are some experiences you can miss without even noticing.�A quick nap over lunch and we spent the evening catching up with the family; it's been thirteen months since I've been back to the UK and it certainly feels like it.