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Watching the reactions come in

Mefi: Enjoy your tax cut, America. You're going to need it.

Boing Boing: Four more years of a nation led by criminals. I was making coffee with one eye on CNN when the news broke, and I called my dad, a man who's spent many years fighting for good things, sometimes at great personal cost. "Get over it," he said, "The way you feel now is exactly how I felt when Nixon won a second term -- crushed. I couldn't believe America was that stupid. But remember what happened to Nixon that term."

"As a British citizen, I just can't understand why. Does the British media unfairly portray Bush, or are more than half of American voters just fucking stupid?"

When told, "well, if you don't like it then move somewhere else" the friend's reply would be, "What? And become a victim of our foreign policy?"

Dan Gillmor: We will not recognize America in four more years. That will make half of America giddy. It will terrify the other half.

Sorry Everybody�[picture]