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The shame of it all

Finally brought together all of my old entries and set up .Text for some more blogging action. The fact that my New Year's snowboarding trip is still in the last ten entries suggests I've not been keeping up here as I should have been. It's a shame, I really enjoy writing things when I have the time and that's the one thing that's been lacking recently.

It's currently early morning on the first Tuesday in November of a presidential election year so the talk of the town has been overwhelmingly focused on the race between Bush and Kerry. According to CNN, every has pretty much given up predicting which way it's going to go given the polls are showing a dead head. Except, of course, the party shills who have an incredible ability to skew questions and facts to fit in neatly with their talking points. The fact that there even exists a 'spin alley' and a (supposedly unbiased) media to which party representatives openly talk about their strategies gives me cause for concern. It's not that the voters are treated like prey being hunted (this is a competition after all), it's that they're free to talk about voters' habits simply because those casting the votes that matter aren't paying attention. It seems that the race is so close (and the country so divided) that the outcome will be down to that set of individuals who are still undecided merely hours before casting a ballot. And then there's the weather; a bad day means a lower turnout; come on folks, it's one day every four years, a little rain isn't going to hurt. It's scary.

One interesting side note is that the networks are agreeing not to broadcast exit polls until voting has ceased (8pm, excluding mail-in ballots). Allowing people to see where there state is going throughout the day can apparently bring about unnecessary bias. If the indicators point to one candidate, those with marginal support of the other decide to get up and make the trip to the polling station thus narrowing the margin and staring a swing in the opposite direction. It's all about the feedback loop and would give grounds for some absolutely fascinating analysis (matching time of vote against prevailing trend).

For posterity, as of Nov 1,�is predicting Kerry 298 - Bush 231. Let's see how this map looks tomorrow.
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