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Flying thoughts

[Posting a few days later now that I've found a hotspot in PHL]

Many people dislike flying for a really wide set of reasons. For some it's the perception of elevated danger, others dislike the confined conditions, maybe it's the noise, or the boredom, or the food or the jetlag. That's fine - everyone is entitled to their own opinion - but I really enjoy it. Last year was rather hectic with flights all over the country and back and forth to the UK whereas more recently, given my visa restrictions, I've been staying relatively close to the ground. Now as I sit somewhere 36000 ft over Montana, the benefits are coming back to me.

Here's the deal. The duration of the flight is effectively a sunk cost that can't be reclaimed. The time between arriving at the first airport and leaving the other is effectively written off and this is accepted. I still remember the feeling during a trip back from Singapore to London and the strange realization that the hours of delays experienced in Singapore waiting for plane repairs were making us late for meetings that weren't due to happen for another 36 hours. So, a block of uninterrupted time combined with zero connectivity (no distractions) is a great environment for getting things done. With the time already written off being productive is just a bonus.

Of course, I'm rather biased. I love flying. Katie gave me a flying lesson certificate for my birthday this summer which is so cool. Learning to fly is going to be great fun.