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Fancy phones and podcasting

It hardly seems like it's been a year that I've been porting my Motorola MPX-200 smartphone but�AT&T Wireless (soon to be engulfed by Cingular)�just released a new�Windows Mobile phone, the Audiovox 5600. It's what they call 'candy bar' shaped like the old-school Nokias and has two great qualities - it's much faster and has a built in cameraphone. Other than that, my dependence on Outlook sync just carries over from the MPX-200 like a crack habit. Actually it also ships with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile which, when combined with a mini-SD data card, allows me to avoid purchasing an iPod for quite some time (good thing). Whether the novelty of watching last night's TV on the bus ride to work will last, that we'll have to see.

Coincidentally I've been casually watching the�the fanfare around podcasting of late�and it's the timeline that's interested me the most. Folks have the idea of attaching sound files to RSS feeds (with enclosures) and it ticks over for several months�with moderate novelty value. I'm guessing there was a eureka moment at some point shortly whereafter iPodder was born. With these files now automatically syncing to a portable music device it suddenly gets a jolt of potential. As with all�new ideas, the initial enthusiasm is intense and the in just three weeks the mainstream media picks it up (that time delta is rapidly contracting). I've been enjoying the idea to listen to conference speeches and the like but I'm�not convinced this is broadcasting v-next just yet.