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Mountains are only good for one thing

Wednesday brought a challenge in the form of a 3560 ft peak. My parents would show me up, demonstrating the ease with which they could summit Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, while I, mere city dweller, could disappointedly complain about how the experience really didn't measure up to the stairmaster in the gym. Thankfully that didn't happen.Lifted:

Snowdon rates amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world. Whichever direction you approach it from the size and grandeur impresses. Its starfish shape radiates six magnificent ridges each with their own special and individual characters. The deep cwmoedd (glaciated valleys) range from the easily accessible to hanging valleys only reached by complicated scrambling. This mountain has everything from the rarest flowers and insects to ruined mines, from fascinating volcanic rock formations to fossils on the summit. Whether your interest is in challenging ascents, emotive photographs, Arthurian legends, or in studying humanity in every form, the mountain's got something for you!
It took just two hours to the top which was fully enveloped in cloud from just over half way up. We had the whole mountain to ourselves with just a few people at the top where we enjoyed boxed lunches. I'm told the views are terrific on a clear day - I will be back.Photos in the gallery.