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Christmas Day

Christmas day turned out to be good fun. An early awakening to speak with the family quickly moved the idea of eggnog and Captain from the previous night into the 'probably won't try that again' category. But I disgress.The task was clear: trifle would be made for dessert at dinner. Recipe in hand, this would be no problem. A trip to the supermarket had yielded disappointing results: no trifle sponges, no double cream, no cornflour and no castor sugar. I knew cooking is founded in improvisation, so this wouldn't be a problem. Pound cake for trifle sponges (on reflection, sponge cake might have worked better), whipped cream, corn starch and superfine sugar would have to do. The ingredients were mixed together and with relative ease, out came a trifle.Great dinner at Jenna's. A ham, turkey, stuffing, macaroni cheese, potatoes, cranberries and all those things that make Christmas. Post-dinner Trivial Pursuit once again reinforced my belief that playing 'foreign' trivia games is beyond futile and that was that.No Boxing Day in this part of the world and there's work to be done.