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Back in the hood

The journey passed relatively smoothly, with the exception of the women next to me producing copious amounts of odor-free vomit with a great trajectory onto the seat in front, splash free. Either good practice or a rather deficient digestive system - I'm not sure which - but it caused no complaints from me.Tired afternoon in London after riding on the Heathrow Express. Breakfast, lunch or dinner in Pizza Express; the worst side effect of jetlag is, without doubt, the disruption to eating; and then some ice cream in the Haagen Dazs cafe in Leicester Square.Monday - train to Stoke, sleep. See brother, sleep. Eat, sleep.Tuesday - no sleep, read. Proper bacon and eggs for breakfast, no sleep. Read, no sleep. Watch the beeb, no sleep. Evenining in Market Drayton with Ed. He and I resolved to never spend a night out in that town some six years ago for some reason that has been washed away with the sands of time. Clearly the naivety of youth shines through at times as we had fun. And chicken curry for dinner.