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The joy of the written word

Books are great. When travelling, it's going to take a huge amount of technological development before I'm willing to part with any bound volumes of paper.

  • Brave New World (Aldous Huxley). Well worth reading, certainly food for thought. Amidst the lively delivery, there is quite a scary idea lurking just beneath the surface. Given its age (1932), it's quite amazing to see how some things have come true (and thankfully, many others have not). I still wonder whether it was ever considered possible (and on the same note, 1984) when it was first received, or whether it was thought far-fetched as such a book would be labelled today. I'm on the lookout for any recent works that compare.
  • Life of Pi. Great book for a long plane flight and it inspired my last trip to London Zoo. Sadly, it didn't provide the proof of the existence of God as implied on the back cover, so the last page only brought a hollow victory.
  • Man and Wife (Tony Parsons). A good sequel to Man and Boy, but didn't quite match up to the original story. Even with its shortcomings, a good plane read.
I started reading Catch-22 on the way back from the UK this time. Enjoying it so far, although I can't seem to dodge the notion that it's going to turn into "MAS*H: The Novel". We'll see.