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Out of time

I'm back after a break from blogging for a bit. It didn't seem to have been too long, until I noticed my last post was on July 1, now three months ago. I guess I got busy doing some other things, which I'm now going to try and remember.JulyI seem to recall the first couple of weeks being somewhat rushed, leading up to a little vacation back to Blighty. With my brother turning 21, it seemed only right to go back home for a while. And what a good decision that was, good to see the family again, and what fun surprising my dear mother by turning up on the doorstep unannounced. It's terribly convenient having friends that blog, now with months gone by I still know I drank some beer in some country pubs and went on a late night shopping spree. Good times indeed.A few days in London before my flight back, and a night at the Proms, a trip to London Zoo and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and a night out in Angel. With just an hours sleep the night before and a rather furious battle going on in my left temple, my memories of the 5am tube ride out to Heathrow and sitting curled up in terminal 3 were invaluable in strengthening my character.AugustI'm not sure what happened to the entire month of August. The only event that I can really remember was my birthday, on which I'd been planning to summarize the twenty third year of my life (maybe I'll do that this week instead). We ate Ethiopian food for dinner, followed by wholly too much gin in the Rosebud in Capital Hill. Amidst fine company we decided to retire for a tasty breakfast at IHOP where we feasted. When we finished, the clock showed one and, since it was my birthday no more, I had the pleasure of paying the check. What great friends.SeptemberFast drawing to a close after another busy spell. Just got back from three days in Cambridge for the Alumni Weekend. Left work on Thursday, hopped on a flight through Chicago and was sitting on Primrose Hill only hours (well, eighteen hours) later. The JCBC alumni put on a good show at the morning regatta on Saturday, losing closely to Caius (in fairness, we didn't actually know where the finish line was) and beating Girton, proving that we could still remember how to row. Hands shredded and body exhausted (really exhausted), the scene was set for a great black tie dinner in hall. A toast to the Queen in a five hundred year old college and plenty of drinks and conversation in the renovated bar and my weekend of reminiscence was complete. With not a moment to waste, back to London, lunch in All Bar One and back on a plane. Which brings me to now.Yes, on reflection, I've been rather busy. It's good to be back.