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All blogged out

The conference earlier this week was great - it seemed to be received well across the board. Being the first of it's kind, the atmosphere was informal, with a definite 'grass roots' feel; it'll be interesting to see how it looks this time next year. For me to have blogged the event would have been pointless - with over 50% of those in attendance doing precisely that, my time was better spent listening and reading. That said, it was fascinating learning how others perceived the same presentations and discussions, in real time, often reading into something from a completely different angle.Boston seems like a great place, it's a shame I didn't have more time to see the sights. I crossed the Charles and made it over to MIT, which, after wandering around for a while, seems like it would be a nice place to study. I'm not sure how that's going to fit into my master plan, but there's plenty of time yet.On the final stretch to shipping Workspaces now, so it's heads-down all the way, hence the lack of posts.