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Byron Bay

Yesterday turned out to be a lot of fun despite our not really doing anything. The plan unfolded in Starbucks; we met up with a guy called Alex who Lauren met in NZ and proceeded to take in the sights, sounds and several schmiddies of Hahn Premium from a rooftop bar in The Rocks. As night fell, we moved on and ended up in a rather upscale bar called Establishment, brutally underdressed for the occassion. They gave out free mini lamb pies though, so everything was OK.There is, however, questionable wisdom in drinking before embarking on a 13 hour bus ride. The euphoria of the upcoming journey was soon displaced by the inevitable feeling of 'afterwards' which, assisted by the unforgiving seats, lasted for much of the rest of the journey. We lazed on the beach at Byron Bay for most of the day, so overall overnight bus journies probably get the thumbs up.A day trip to Nimbin tomorrow, on to Fraser Island at the weekend and then three days on a boat sailing around the Whitsundays. Lots of fun still to come.