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All good things

When visiting a city center for the first time, there's always some mild trepidation - how will I know when I get there, where do I park, what if I go down a wrong way street, will I ever find my way back again and so on. Everyone around seems to know where they're going and what's what, creating a void of anonymity admist the business. In truth, it should be that way to begin with - it's that feeling that helps in part to make travel an exciting experience.I only have one vivid memory of my first trip to downtown Seattle. The journey over the bridge from Redmond, a drive that seemed like an adventure at the time and is now all too familiar as a commute, was interesting, if not least because I had just three days driving-on-the-right experience. I probably saw a lot of things but particularly remember a big department store (and we're talking massive, apparently influenced by my new city awe). The Bon Marche, a local institution of sorts, is going to be renamed this summer to The Bon-Macy's. Somehow it's just not got the same ring to it.